ABANTU and the Women's Manifesto commends Jean Mensa for successful 2020 elections

ABANTU and the Women's Manifesto commends Jean Mensa for successful 2020 elections

ABANTU for Development and The Women Manifesto Coalition (WMC) join hands to offer our sincerest congratulations to Mrs Jean Mensah on her sterling performance as the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

This is indeed in recognition of a well-deserved success following the meticulous preparation and conduct of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections held on the 7th of December, 2020. It is also by extension, a triumph for many other Ghanaian women and men especially those who believe that gender inclusion and women’s heightened visibility and leadership are critical in national development.

ABANTU for Development, as a women’s rights policy advocacy organisation has directed its work since 1999 to examining, scrutinising and interrogating processes that perpetuate structural inequalities and exclusion in national management.

The organisation continues to build the capacity of women to participate in decision making at all levels, to enable them to influence policies from a gender perspective for equality.

ABANTU has therefore worked to support endeavours for the promotion of gender sensitivity in leadership to address issues of inequalities as a matter of right and entitlement. We have always taken pride in the promotion of women to high profile positions knowing that barring structural patriarchal challenges, women largely excel when given a chance in managing critical institutions of the state.

Mrs Jean Mensah’s success and leadership around the 2020 elections in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic gives recognition to her capacity, efficiency and strength of character as well as the remarkable work that women are performing in critical state institutions.

We recognise that there has been a nominal increase in the number of women ascending to leadership positions in various sectors of the country. Unfortunately, the structural and systemic limitations, the many challenges and barriers that women in Women’s Manifesto Coalition leadership have to contend with, do hinder women’s progression to leadership positions in governance just as it is in other public institutions.

We, therefore, compliment Mrs Jean Mensah on her success and send our best wishes to her for the future. We are confident that she will remain steadfast and focused on serving the country by providing a powerful voice in the area of governance and supporting considerations of diversity and inclusiveness.

We continue to work with great optimism that, institutions of governance and other national institutions will recognise the added value that women bring through their effective leadership. In securing the constitutional mandate of the Electoral Commission, we are hopeful that lives will be transformed through the delivery of relevant development policies, programmes and projects in the country.

Rose Mensah-Kutin

Executive Director

ABANTU for Development/

The Women’s Manifesto Coalition

P.O. Box K.D4, Kanda, Accra

December 9, 2020