UNICEF Startup Lab Launched

UNICEF Startup Lab Launched

The UNICEF Startup Lab has been launched and the first cohort have taken their seats for their 6 months of incubation delivered by the African Health Innovation Centre and MEST Africa.

The 13 entrepreneurs, whose startups range from drone monitoring and delivery to crowdfunding for healthcare, from chain coldstores to breastfeeding kits, from tackling systemic corruption to recycling, will have an even greater opportunity to empower themselves and others, support UNICEF in achieving its mission, and deliver a social impact via the incubator.

What's equally important to remember is that entrepreneurs and startups don't operate in a vacuum. They require an ecosystem, change makers and captains of industry to believe in them, engage with them and to create an enabling environment. The Representative of UNICEF, Anne-Claire Dufay, and the Deputy Representative, Fiachra McAsey - for whom the Startup Lab wouldn't exist without - should be lauded for recognising that innovation, design thinking and the belief in young people to effect change often is all that exists between the status quo and positive change.

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Simon Turner,

Director, Founders Institute.