Yango: The UK Experience in Ghana You Can't Miss

Yango: The UK Experience in Ghana You Can't Miss

Travel and see as they say – so I traveled and I saw! I had the opportunity to take a vacation in England this year. It was my first and indeed I was awed. After an exhilarating 8 days, I was bound back to Accra.

What an experience I kept saying to myself and my natural response was to compare and contrast the experience with that of my home. While we remain a highly communal people with great hospitality and warmth, I found out that the English were more of non-communal and highly punctual. Of services, I admired the swift delivery and the sense of timeliness.

But what struck me the most was the transportation services – a number of ride-hailing services with very good vehicles and superb customer services. I asked myself at what cost, does this service come.

When in June I heard the launch of another ride-hailing app – Yango, in Ghana, I wondered what the difference would be. A few friends tried it and gave an ‘A’ rating. I was hesitant because I thought nothing could beat my England experience.


After much hesitation I decided to try Yango when they introduced the Comfort Tariff – and to my suprise – my first experience was in a Hyundai Sonata and the fare was affordable – in fact comparable to that of the economy Tariffs of some competitors. The simplicity and fluidity of the request and ride has also given me a different perspective about services in Ghana.

The international experience is possible here – the standard I thought will be difficult to find here is actually here. Yango made my day and has since been my preferred ride-hailing service.

If you are yet to try – do try it and you just may stick to as I have.