Police investigate "officer" who slapped woman at registration centre

Police investigate

The Ghana Police Service has commenced investigations into a viral video which captures a male police officer slapping a woman at a voter registration centre.

The undated video which is making the rounds on social media shows the moment the policeman slaps the woman after some verbal exchanges.

The Police in a statement on Facebook assured the public that it will provide all the facts of the incident.

"The attention of the Police Administration has been drawn to a video circulating on social media in which a police officer is seen slapping a woman at a place believed to be a Voters Registration Centre," the statement said.

"The Police Administration wishes to assure the public that it has commenced investigation into the matter and will provide facts of the matter to the public in due time, all should be assured".


In the one-minute amateur video, the police officer is heard threatening not to allow the woman to commence the registration process.

After some verbal exchanges which result in a man restraining the officer, he reaches across and lands a slap on the woman's face. Angered by the slap, the woman attempts to retaliate but she is restrained by another bystander.

Watch the video below;