About Balanced Plants Based Menu

About Balanced Plants Based Menu

Much have been written about the whole plants based diet by health concerned scientists, secular nutritionists and those who followed biblical dietary programs. It is for the benefits of those who are thoughtful of their health and wellbeing.

The founder and leader of the 7th Day Congregation Theocracy, Apostle Kadiemel Agbalanyo has stated that a good diet is not governed by the amount of food taken but in the food value in terms of vitamins, mineral, calories and natural elements. He added that most food taken, especially cooked foods are deprived of their natural elements. “In cooking food, cook it as little as possible, and do not use aluminum pans”. He said those who choose Balanced Plants Based Menu lack no nutrients, vitamins, minerals and natural elements if plants are cultivated on virgin land and prepared simple and palatable by those who are responsible for cooking food and feeding the family.

Apostle Agbalenyo, who was speaking on the topic “BALANCED PLANTS BASED MENU” at a three day seminar organized by the 7th Day Congregation of Theocracy at the Girl Guides Center, Achimota, said protein, fat and carbohydrates are called macro nutrients and vitamins and mineral are referred to as micronutrients. He observed that all plant foods are mixtures of protein, fat and carbohydrate (The micronutrients). “Even banana contains about 3.5% protein almost the same as mother’s milk. Apostle further explained that fruits and starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, corn and butter nut squash are predominantly carbohydrate but also contain fat and protein. He said Green Vegetables are about half protein a quarter carbohydrate and half fat. Legumes and beans are about half carbohydrate and quarter fat.

“However, the whole grain wheat or rye flour used in eighteenth-century bread retained most of the bran-the ground-up husk - and the all-important wheat germ, which contains higher proportions of some minerals, vitamins, and good-quality proteins than does the rest of the grain. In addition, the field peas and beans eaten by poor people since the early Middle Ages contained, protein that complemented the proteins in whole-grain bread”

With a truly healthy diet, Apostle disclosed that you can not only expect a drop in Blood Pressure and cholesterol and a reversal of Heart Disease, but your headaches, constipation, indigestion, and bad breath should resolve. “Eating for nutritional excellence enables people to reverse Diabetes and to gradually lose their dependence on drugs. You can expect to reach a normal weight without counting calories and dieting, as well as achieve robust health and live a long life free of the fear of Heart attacks and Strokes.”

Source: The Punch Newspaper