Job Market International To Minimize Unemployment In Ghana

Job Market International To Minimize Unemployment In Ghana

Unemployment is rapidly increasing in the country where the youth graduates go on demonstration due to insufficient job opportunities which affect the development and peace of the country.

Various Non-Governmental Organizations have put up their best to create job opportunities for the youth yet the canker lives on. In fighting this cause, Job Market International has also given the youth (literate and non-literates) the opportunity to search for the right job without stress.

Mrs. Georgina Adjei, the country manager, said the Job Market International limited is a new intermediary company that seeks to bring employers and employees together. Also, it is a customer-oriented company that strives to meet and exceed the expectations of its prospective clients.

"we are established to provide jobs for both literate and non-literate. Literates who are skilled and can work in offices and other areas where their working abilities would be needed and non-literates who do not have any skill at all to be trained and bring their knowledge to bear", she noted.

She further noted that the Job Market International Limited is registered under the laws of Ghana as a service provider company. For this matter, we provide a solution to all plumbing, electrical, construction, and Housekeeping, home care needs among others"

"The Job Market International is a potential inexpensive service just in time. We are built to take care of your maintenance, security and caregiving issues", she assured.

She called on all Institutions, Agencies, Government and Private Organizations, Individuals, Foreigners, Visitors, and Public Figures to contact Job Market International for their employees.

About Job Market International

The Job Market is a one-stop-shop for all your technical needs and service-related desires. No house or office is immune to breakages and emergencies and you need a people-centered organization to be there just in time to take care of your human needs.

That is our hallmark. Being there for you whatever it takes. The Job Market serves as the link between job seekers and employers.