Keeping Fit And Healthy, Let's Ride To Work Instead Of Driving

Keeping Fit And Healthy, Let's Ride To Work Instead Of Driving

A UK based Social Activist and a former banker Mr Eric Amofa Jnr has call on Ghanaian youth and the elderly to resort to using bicycles to work and to go to other social and recreational centers in Ghana.

Mr Amofa expressed that It is crucial to emphasize that keeping fit improve peoples social interaction, healthy living and promotes mental wellbeing of the citizenry.

‘Cycling and walking provides additional opportunity for social interaction on the streets which enhances a sense of community building social confidence among the youth and the elderly within the community.’

Mr Eric Amofa Jr who is also a native of Asante Akyem South ( Juaso) has reiterated that using more bikes in a neighborhood provides a safer road environment and children can also take advantage of slower and less dangerous traffic to cycle as well. The benefit in riding cycling is enormous.

Let’s change our life style, let’s help to promote healthy living, and reduce cost of transportation by ridding to work, school and university or taking your bike on a short neighbourhood trip. Doing this is a convenient and practical way to incorporate regular exercise into your busy day.

Living longer and stronger is an antidote for national development and social cohesion.

Mr Amofa has also urges the Government as well as cooperate organizations to help promote the idea of enhancing bicycles ride to work by providing the needed facilities such is network of bicycle paths and road crossing to benefits pedestrians and people with disabilities who wants to join this campaign.

Promoting bicycle riding can also boost ghana economy by providing jobs, and increased bicycle business and production in Ghana. It will also help people to save money to address other financial commitments.

According a research conducted by Queensland university In Australia in June 2008, the cost of buying and maintaining a bike is around one per cent of the cost of buying and maintaining a car’. Riding Bicycle do minimal damage to our road surfaces than cars and creating more Bike paths give people 'freeways' for the price of footpaths.

Other heath benefits of riding and keeping fit are to reduce the risk of getting dementia, improves sex life, reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

Mr Amofa is encouraging the youth and the elderly to join the campaign #riding to work to promote healthy and social interactions within our communities.