Islamic Schools And Communities Receive Teaching And Learning Materials

Islamic Schools And Communities Receive Teaching And Learning Materials

..."...From Jam'iyat Tarbiya Islamiya Based In Bahrain"

The Centre for Scientific Studies And Social Services (CSSSS) was formed 19 years ago as an NGO with the main aim of assisting the people most especially the youth to acquire both Islamic and Secular education.

Since its inception, the organisation has assisted in building edifices and the distribution of items for education and religious purposes. This gesture has tremendously helped the beneficiary communities and schools.

In a recent assessment of the areas in which it operates, CSSSS realized some of the communities and schools are still faced with learning and teaching material challenges.

It is on the notion of mitigating their plight that it collaborated with Jam'iyat Tarbiya Islamiya in Bahrain to intervene.

Through the effort of Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Hamid, Al-Turaif CSSSS received a number of items ranging from foodstuffs, clothing.

Books, Mathematical sets, school bags, pens and pencils. Before it could clear the items from the port almost all the foodstuffs were damaged for lack of funds.

However, CSSSS presented the items to some schools namely Darul Hijra at Mamobi, Nurudeen Islamic school, Kanda and Madarssatu A-Rusidi Al-Islamiya all in the Greater Accra.

Also in the Volta region, the beneficiaries are Adabu Islamic School at Adidome. Nadarasatul Makasidi Islamiya, Aflao. In Bole district of the northern region, Markazu Madarasa also had their share of the items.

AflavenueNadarasatul Makasidi Islamiya, Aflao. In Bole district of the northern region, Markazu Madarasa also had their share of the items. The Aflavenue Community in the west Tongu District of the Volta region was not left out of the sharing.

The headmasters of the various schools received the items on behalf of their schools. They appreciated the kind gesture and promised to use the items for its intended purpose.

On his part, the CEO of CSSSS Sheikh Uthman Abdul Hamid called on the school children to take advantage of the teaching and learning materials donated to their various schools to study hard.

He advised them to desist from any activities that will ruin their lives.

Sheikh Uthman further assured that he will continue to support communities and schools in need.