Kuapa Kokoo reiterates commitment to Ghanaian farmers

Kuapa Kokoo reiterates commitment to Ghanaian farmers

The management of Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited has reiterated its commitment to promoting the interest and well-being of Ghanaian farmers.

The Co-operative has also discounted claims that it has cheated farmers over the years, saying it remains focused to championing the needs and welfare of farmers.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the management of Kuapa Kokoo said it's integrity remains intact with a proven track record since it's establishment in 1993.

It, however, reckons that there has an attempt in recent time to tarnish the image of the company by it's detractors.

"As a reputable cocoa producing organisation, we are focused in assisting our over 100,000 gallant cocoa farmers throughout the country to support them for their livelihood," it said.

"The company is also seriously mobilising funds for 2020-2021 cocoa season and preparing projects for farmers livelihood but not interested in individuals with selfish parochial interests," the statement said.

The statement said leadership of the organisation wishes to reiterate that it's core values which are encapsulated in the Co-operative principles would not be flagged to support anyone's parochial interest.

"The organisation is focused on delivering sustainable programmes geared towards providing a medium for the social, economic and political empowerment of cocoa farmers and also to enhance the participation of women in the decision making process at all levels of operations," it said.

The company said it will continue to encourage environmentally sustainable cocoa production processes which remains its mandate.