Missing Excavators; I've Not Received Any 5 Excavators Abronye DC Debunk Rumours

Missing Excavators; I've Not Received Any 5 Excavators Abronye DC Debunk Rumours

8th February, 2020
For Immediate Release
My attention has been drawn to a list of names of personalities in circulation on social media where the list suggests that, the alleged 500 missing excavators where distributed among the named personalities.

The said list maliciously and mischievously indicated that, I Kwame Baffoe Abronye received 5 of the excavators.

I would want to use this opportunity to state categorically without any iota of doubt that I Kwame Abronye have never received any excavator from anyone and further posit emphatically that, I have not and do not own or have in my possession any excavator.

In furtherance of the above, I deem it important to note that, since the New Patriotic Party assumed power in 2017, I have not been awarded any road contract nor a mining concession or whatsoever and for that matter, I do not even find any importance of needing an excavator.

In view of the above, I will like to entreat all and sundry to disregard any such story suggesting that, I have received any excavator for same story is a fallacy, fictitious and an attempt by some unscrupulous and vagabonds to dent my hard won reputation.

Finally, for those peddling these unsubstantiated lies against me, may the gods of thunder strike them down if they do not stop and on the other hand if I am in any way connected to the missing excavator saga, may same Gods strike me down.

In conclusion, I would like to call on Government Official 1 AKA John Mahama to come clean on the Airbus Scandal like the way I have come clean in this excavator issue.

John Mahama should also invoke the Bole Bamboi gods and thunder if he feels he is clean.

Thank You
Kwame Baffoe Abronye
Bono Regional Chairman, NPP