Sack Chereponi, Saboba DCE's Over Konkomba, Chokosi Conflict—Security Analyst

Sack Chereponi, Saboba DCE's Over Konkomba, Chokosi Conflict—Security Analyst

The Executive Director of the Africa Center for Security and Counter-Terrorism, Mr. Emmanuel Kotin has called on the government to as a matter of urgency dismiss the District Chief Executives (DCE’s) for both Chereponi and Saboba in order to put an end to the recurring conflict in the area between the Konkomba’s and Chokosi’s.

Following the recently renewed ethnic violence between the two feuding factions which saw a senior officer of the assembly allegedly attacked, the Chereponi District Assembly Office has been closed for security reasons.

The renewed clashes have so far led to several residents including teachers, nurse, and other government workers fleeing the area in search of a safer place to stay for fear of being attacked.

Speaking in an interview with Class FM on the back of the recent violence, Mr. Emmanuel Kotin has stressed the DCE’s for the area should be dismissed because a research conducted by his organization has revealed that the conflict is largely caused by the failed political leadership in the area.

“What we found out in both districts was the lack of political leadership. The people were left to their faith and misinformation encountered misinformation and they take their destiny into their own hands. That is why we are urging the government to rethink about the role of political leaders in the two districts”, the security analyst explained.

He continued, “The blame squarely is on the DCE’s and some of the DCE’s are profiting from the conflicts. Our research has shown that one of the DCE’s wife cooks for the security personnel in the district, which is a clear conflict of interest. As an organization, we think that the DCE’s for both districts should be shown the exit and fresh leadership introduced so that the people can have some kind of trust. For the Defense Minister, his people are not very happy with him. The earlier he gets his acts right the better for him.”

Meanwhile, 13 people have been arrested so far in connection with the violence which is still raging in many remote parts of the two districts.