UN Begins Act Now Food Challenge To End Climate Change

UN Begins Act Now Food Challenge To End Climate Change

The United Nations will today begin a new campaign to engage people in the global effort to tackle climate change through healthy and sustainable food choices.

The launch of the new campaign today, which coincides with Sustainable Gastronomy Day, is part of the UN’s ActNow campaign, a global call to individual action on climate change.

With agriculture contributing to about one-fifth of global emissions, largely through food waste and meat consumption, the UN’s ActNow campaign will showcase the efforts and recipes of renowned chefs who are cooking with ingredients that can help reduce greenhouse gases and damage to the environment.

Leading world chefs will spearhead the challenge and provide inspiration by presenting their own creations which will be featured on the United Nations’ platforms to create a global wave of culinary creativity as people share their favorite recipes and photos.

Please find attached a press release announcing the kick-off of the sustainable food challenge for the ActNow climate action campaign (