A Jealous Person Can Be More Deadly Than A Poisonous Snake

A Jealous Person Can Be More Deadly Than A Poisonous Snake

Ghana has some of the best proverbs in Africa, one my favorites is: "A child who wouldn't allow his or her mother to sleep by crying the whole night will also not sleep."

This proverb is broader than we think. Some people have no rest and peace with themselves. There is something tormenting them, therefore, they will say many evil things against you.

If you encounter such an experience of pure hatred verbal attacks, just ignore them and go about your normal life. The more you ignore them, the more they become irritated.

Let the one who hates or doesn't like you continue to fight and torment himself while you relax.

I work eight hours a day, thus; 40 hours from Monday to Friday. Apart from my family, which is my everything and God, the one I believe in Him and trust, I will not waste my precious time on people without morals.

In reality, you must consider yourself a very special person if someone hates you. Nobody hates someone without a reason, therefore, you should know that you have something great the reason the person hates you.

I wish the one who had previously used false names to insult me will never stop because his insults encourage me to write more since I have noticed that each article from me is tormenting and giving him a nightmare.

I will keep on writing without ceasing until his hatred and sleepless nights give him a heart attack.

"Another Ghanaian proverb, "Kai se ama wunyaku etwa akun naa wusu wu twa edu da." You can't go on destroying someone's work, accompanied by insults, hoping you'll also prosper or progress.

If one wakes up each day saying prayers to the devil with the intention to destroy someone, you'll also reap what have sown. You can't escape that.

Whatever goes around comes around, therefore, at long last, you'll fall in the pit you've dug.

How can someone call give such a comment under an article?

"Someone should come out and tell me the real input of this useless article posted by the attention seeker Joel Savage who is of the opinion, he must post in every 5 hours any weed at all to the Modernghana platform. Mother Ghana, why...why do we have such primates like Joel Savage in our midst who will always add salt to injuries?"

This is a comment made out of pure frustration, hatred, jealousy and it is obvious that because of me his articles can't be found on the "Most Read," therefore, he is making efforts to kick me out but he will fail because through Christ who strengthens me, no one can turn my life around.

In all the comments this person using more than four false names made, he keeps calling me an 'attention seeker,' what attention am I seeking if every columnist submits his or her article like me? Why does he keep attacking me alone? What does he want from me?

I haven't mentioned anyone's name from the beginning of this article to its conclusion, therefore, who the cap fits, can use a false name to insult me, since I know that my articles are tearing apart someone whose heart is full of hatred and jealousy, I will continue writing without ceasing.