EDB donates 40 bins to Santor Assembly

EDB donates 40 bins to Santor Assembly

EDB Class Waste Management in collaboration with Kpone Katamanso Youth MP Hon. Victoria Amankwaa under the auspices of United Nations Youth Association Ghana Parliament has donated 40 bins to the Santor electoral area.

The company distributed 35 bins to the Assembly and shared the 5 to individuals in the community on Monday, 9th December 2020.

The Chief Executive Officer Mr. Evans Daniel Boateng said his company will contribute massively to the sanitation crisis for the betterment of the community and ensure hygienic environment within East Legon Hills fraternity.

Mr. Boateng said EDB Class Waste have been giving free dust bins in the last 4 years to over 100 people in the society. “Our intention is not only for profit-making but how the people within the community can benefit.”

He added that Government of Ghana should tackle the waste menace in the country to make the clean and attractive.“Young people should join hands so we can better our community, nobody will develop our nation for us. We should practice the habit of dumping garbage in waste bins instead of loitering it on the environment.”

Assemblyman for Santor, Mr. Samuel Abbey thanked the institution and Hon. Victoria Amankwaa for the donation.

He assured the Organization that together will ensure the cleanliness of East Legon Hills.