Nancy Pelosi Versus Donald Trump: The One Statement That Brought Two Rivals Into An Agreement

Nancy Pelosi Versus Donald Trump: The One Statement That Brought Two Rivals Into An Agreement

The State of the Union Address delivered by President Donald Trump in the United State's Congress House on Tuesday 4th February, 2020, was marked with remarkable dramatic scenes.

Not only will it go into the history books as President Trump being the litigant leader who will never bury his pride and make amends with his political enemies by snubbing a stretched handshake by the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, but also the ripping of the copies of the speech by the speaker which was handed to her by the President would stay with students of politics for long.

President Trump delivered the State of the Union address weeks after the House with a Democrat majority voted for his impeachment owing to his hand in calling for his political rival, Joe Biden, to be investigated by a third country, Ukraine, on criminal charges that has his son Hunter Biden in an alleged fraud deal.

Joe Biden, a Democrat, and the former vice President of America under the Barack Obama regime is seen as a possible challenger to President Trump in the November 2020 polls. So, the Democrats in the Congress, led by their speaker Nancy Pelosi saw the President to be misusing his power to intimidate his rivals, hence the impeachment trial, which ended at his acquittal in the Senate House with Republican majority.

Clearly, all political students have now come to learn that the blueprint for modern day Democracy, the United States of America, is divided on partisan lines - Republican and Democrat.

So, carrying such division on his mind into the speech delivery, President Trump saw nothing good in it to have a handshake with the woman who is bent on burying his political career by triggering the impeachment process.

Throughout the speech delivery, I read from Nancy Pelosi's face "one unenthused by the achievements the president is touting under his leadership in the last three and over years". From "the unrivalled economic progress to the robustness of America's military might, and the respect gained world over, making America Great Again".

But, at a point, when the President in a statement mentioned the name of Juan Guardo, as "the legitimate President of Venezuela", the assembly, from the Democrats to the Republicans, all gave a standing ovation to the young rightwing rebellious opposition leader who has been invited to the House, and is hellbent to take over from Nicholas Maduro, the socialist heir to Hugo Chavez.

That one statement, and the accompanying applause signalled to me that America is always United if it's her interest that we're talking about.

The game of politics that at times witness heated argument and dramatic scenes does not affect America's foreign policy provided the common American would be benefitted.

If Juan Guardo takes over the reign of Venezuela, the largest crude oil deposit in the world, the socialist policies would be repealed, and the capitalist American policy will gain a foothold there.

Such is America, to understand how and what the NEW WORLD is, follow their way of politicking.

So, I am asking: when Nancy Pelosi ripped the President's speech, did she leave out the part that contained "Juan Guardo as the president of Venezuela"?

A statement that the House Speaker was seen happily embracing in a thunderous applause?

Africa and all the developing nations have got something to learn from this happenings in America.

Our debates on whatever issues should not affect our interests home and abroad negatively at the end.

Like my native Goka put it: "afa ne afa nnka a, 3nkyer3 s3 abontensoni mm3fa nnkor"

To wit: when two siblings combat to death over their deceased father's estate, it's the stranger that inherits their father's vast property.

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111