Yaw Sarpong-Kumankuma: Separation before elevation

Yaw Sarpong-Kumankuma: Separation before elevation

When you plant a tree, it grows taller as time goes on. At a certain point, the tree hits its utmost height and it ends there.

One may ask; Does it mean the tree stops growing? No, it doesn’t. It rather concentrates more on the other phase of its growth. The roots of the tree begin to deepen further into the ground. The firmer the roots, the stronger the stem since those are its two most significant parts.

Note this: you realize that per season, the same tree sheds off its leaves in order to grow another set another season. Sometimes, some of the branches even break off naturally too.

Deliberately most times, a tree is prunned manually by cutting away dead or overgrown branches to increase its fruitfulness and growth. This is an indication that the tree sheds off its unwanted parts so as to grow healthier and stronger.

Whilst a tree gives itself continuous chances and hope towards growth, what do you do for yourself as a human being? This is not to call you out to make enemies for yourself. I’m calling you out to embrace growth. Stay far away from any heaviness, toxic thing and/or persons that do not add any value to your life. Be nice to all people but be wise in choosing your main circle if you really want to grow and flourish. Many destinies and lives have been greatly destroyed by unmerited and unnecessary entanglements.

There should be a natural process of elimination that occurs on your journey. You have to pay very good attention to what’s happening in your life. Don’t try to interrupt the process. People will show up and show their true colours and you would have to respond accordingly. You may have to cut off certain lifestyle* and even people you have considered friends. You may have to cut off some family members too. Anyone who is toxic and refuses to grow and change must be left behind until they are ready to catch up.

Don’t hurt your own self. Don’t impede your own growth. Be like the tree. We have ourselves and a whole generation to impact.