1V1D: Don't Expect Akosombo Or Bui Dam Type — Minister Jabs Critics

1V1D: Don't Expect Akosombo Or Bui Dam Type — Minister Jabs Critics

Minister for Special Development Initiatives, Mavis Hawa Koomson says although the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in its 2016 campaign promised one village one dam, Ghanaians should not expect anything as big as Akosombo or Bui dam.

According to her, these dams when constructed will support residents during drought periods adding that livestocks don't have to travel long distance in search of water.

"We said one village one dam, we didn’t say one bui dam or one Akomsobo dam for the village and when we say one dam in the village, some of us know the type of dam we are talking about. It’s not the bigger type, it’s for the people to use during drought and the animal will not go far so that people will steal them or they will go and die on their way because if they are not getting water definitely they would die, so we needed some water close to the village,” the minister stated.

According to her, dams as big as Akosombo or Bui are worth 3million dollars but those earmarked for the project are meant for irrigation purposes estimated at GHC250,000 each "The NPP promised dams. It is solely for providing water for domestic and for irrigation purposes. I am proud of the progress being achieved under the 1D1F project so far."

She mentioned that although the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) constructed some dams, her government's output on the 1D1F is second to none.

“I’m telling you that the fact that NDC did something that is not as big as what we have and that’s why I’m proud of myself of what I’m doing because I have seen what they did and if you compare the two, you can see the difference” “Look at the cost, GHC 250,000 if you are constructing a meaningful dam you don’t need anything less than 3 million dollars. So if I’m constructing a GHC 250,000 dam then what kind of dam are you expecting from me? That is the kind of dam we promised the people, we didn’t say we are constructing the 3 million or 6 million type of dam for them."

Information gathered indicates that although some Ghanaians welcomed the idea and are expecting government to deliver in its first term as promised, others have openly spoken against the project saying it can not be executed since it was a mere political talk.

The opposition NDC is reported to have alleged that, ministry is rather building ponds instead of the promised dams and out of 140 dams expected to be built in the Upper East Region, only 40 have been constructed.

They also questioned whether the supposed dams are worth the GH¢240,000 as stated by government.