Blows At NDC Anyaa Sowutuom

Blows At NDC Anyaa Sowutuom

The MPs Club House in Accra was yesterday the arena of blows when an embattled Manager of the Osu branch of Fidelity Bank and Innovate Solutions put on an attitude for fisticuff.

Emmanuel Adotey Allotey, former Treasurer of the Anyaa-Sowutuom Constituency office of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and an aspirant for the 2020 Parliamentary ticket of the party physically attacked a clergyman in a fit of anger sparked by a confrontation with another Parliamentary aspirant.

In the presence of Constituency executives, including the Chairman, Kwesi Arhin, Mr. Allotey landed a blow on Pastor Francis Appley, to the shock of many.

An ensuing confusion was however promptly quelled by Constituency executives present who dashed between the Fidelity Bank Osu branch cum Innovate Solutions Manager and the man of God.

It is not clear if the clergyman has since reported the case to the Police.

Information that has since emerged from their whatsapp platforms indicates that Mr. Allotey, who is embattled over alleged dirty files with the Bureau of National Investigations that has been leaked by a former confidant, may have thrown the blow out of frustration.

In addition to the dirty files with the BNI, the man is said to have also embezzled funds belonging to the Constituency, as a result of which he has used every dirty trick in the book to evade demands for accountability for his stewardship as Treasurer.

The blows exhibition by Mr. Emmanuel Allotey had occasioned while he was at the MPs Club House in response to invitation that the Greater Accra regional executives of the NDC had thrown all four PC aspirants of the party in Anyaa-Sowutuom and aspirants from Greater Accra.

While there, a rival aspirant, Irene Mensah, is said to have complained about personal attacks that Allotey had been mounting on her. Madam Mensah is said to have made the complaint to the Constituency Secretary, Edem Asamoah.

Mr. Asamoah is said to have then attempted to resolve the issue by calling a short meeting between Allotey and Irene Mensah.

Insiders report on the WhatsApp platform indicated that Allotey flew off the handle when Irene Mensah asked him to stop lying about her to delegates, especially in respect of Allotey's claims that the leaking of his dirty files with the BNI by a former confidant of Allotey called Bismark, had been orchestrated by Irene Mensah.

In the heat of the tantrum, Mr. Allotey rained insults on Irene Mensah. This attracted the attention of Pastor Francis Appley who tried to intervene and this was the man of God's crime.

Emmanuel Adotey Allotey, a man with a reputation for insulting journalists when he is called to speak to issues, threw a dirty punch at the pastor and clearly assaulted him, perpetrating aggravated battery on the anointed of God.

Scandalously, the dirty blow had been thrown in the presence of the Constituency Chairman for Anyaa-Sowutuom, Kwesi Arhin.

It is not clear if the party has any disciplinary action in store for the Osu branch Manager of the Fidelity Bank Ghana.

Meanwhile, other executives of the NDC in Anyaa Sowutuom are demanding Emmanuel Allotey account for his stewardship.