Rejuvenating Tein For Victory 2020

Rejuvenating Tein For Victory 2020

The handing over ceremony which came off yesterday May 18, 2019, affirmed 5 elected and 13 appointed executives.

TEIN college of Health chapter whose elections came off weeks ago endorsed Michael Fianyor popularly known as potential as the President and Jakpa K Elijah a.ka. JEK as the vice president

Eyram Kobla(Gen.Sec), Uwumborlalin Joyce(Wocom), Kangba Dominic(Fin.sec), Mboranyin Richmond and other 13 appointed executive were affirmed to steer the affairs of the NDC youth wing-TEIN.

Among the dignitaries who graced and honored the occasion were Hon. Kwesi Etu Bonds, MP kintampo North, Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim, MP-Banda and 1st deputy minority whip, Elekem Kotoko, member national communication team.Dep.National TEIN coordinator, Regional TEIN coordinator, most BonoEast aspirants, Former appointees of Kintampo north and south, Executives of both constituencies and many other outstanding personalities honored the occasion.

The guest speaker Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim congratulated the newly affirmed executives and praised the outgoing on their immense contribution to the National Democratic Congress-NDC by raising TEIN membership up to 47%.

He also advised students to overcome and shut self-comfort in order to go higher their educational pursuit linking it to the biblical understanding in 1 Timothy 5:6. He said“You must deny yourself of self-comfort, as for the opportunities, they are bound to come. But if you don’t deny yourself of the self-comfort today, the opportunities in the future will also not come ”

He also emphasized on the need for unity in the youth to win power in 2020. He continued by adding that, we(youth) are the leaders today not tomorrow and questioned the rationality behind stopping development in the name of politics by Africans and urged the youth to bright at every corner and remain focus and relevant at all times.

The chairman for the occasion Hon. Kwesi Etu Bonde gave a closing remark and the program was drawn to conclusion.

By:JAKPA K ELIJAH a.k.a JEK(TEIN vice president)


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