Packages of pure cocaine wash up on France's beaches

Packages of pure cocaine wash up on France's beaches

Mysterious parcels containing more than 750kg of narcotics have been washing up on France's Atlantic coast since last month.

French prosecutors said on Sunday that they opened an investigation after finding a "significant amount" of cocaine and other drugs on beaches all along France's western coast.

"Suspect packages have been found on all beaches", they said, designating more than 500 kilometres of France's Atlantic coast.

'Particularly' pure cocaine
The cocaine is particularly pure and therefore dangerous, said the prosecutor's office in the western city of Rennes.

People who come across the packages have been urged not to touch them and contact the police.

Some of the packages were marked 'Diamante' or 'Brillante', ('Diamond' and 'Shining' in Spanish).

Similarly-labelled packages were reported to have washed up in Florida during hurricane Dorian in September.

Reports say that tides started washing up the packages a month ago on beaches stretching from Nantes as far south as the resort town of Biarritz.

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